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The long-March of Pundro began as an amateur idea in the hands of some enthusiastic Bengali youths from Pordenone, one of Italy's most affluent and bordering cities. But after a short span of time, the idea has spread beyond the horizons. Pundro.com has been busy with plans to reach the doorsteps of every Bengali, Indian sub-continental immigrant of the entire Europe, America, and Oceania continents. Although these expatriates have serious interests to occasionally follow their own cultural practices, it has always been difficult to meet for geographical reasons. For that particular reason, Pundro.com has been born to make available and to represent thousands of years of glorious history, tradition, heritage, language, literature, and cultural entity of Bengal as well as the Indian subcontinent to those expatriates who live outside of their beloved countries especially in Europe, America and Oceania continents and of course, to the entire world.


Pundro.com’s major aim is to work with traditional and contemporary women dress, menswear and to patronize rural cottage industries of Bangladesh and of the Indian Subcontinent, such as NAKSHI KANTHA - originating from various parts of Bangladesh, MUSLIN SAREE – a nearly extinct fabric made in indigenous ways originating from Dhaka, Saree made with pure cotton and silk from North Bengal, Salwar Kameez of brilliant designs collected from various small entrepreneurs of Bangladesh, Amazingly designed Hand-stitch Saree brought from West Bengal, beautifully designed contemporary traditional dresses from Gujarat-Punjab-Baluchistan-Surat-Rajasthan and Kathmandu, etc.

Not from a great corporate venture or thinking, but to ignite the nostalgic affection for our own culture, and to introduce it to our next generations being raised abroad, Pundro.com is aiming to make its’ best effort.


The loneliness of the ex-pat life, the constant struggle to adapt to foreign culture and unknown environment, and the silent weeping pain of leaving roots and families thousands of miles away – all those tales are almost the same for every expatriate. All the emotional souls who left beautiful Bengal Delta, all the soulful youths who left mesmerizing green lands of Punjab, all the energetic faces from wide African Cost, all the colorful faces from giant Andes Mountains – every expat’s weeping melody of nostalgia are made in the same tune. Pundro's smallest initiative is presently busy trying to bring forward only sub-continental tradition and heritage with its limited capacity.
But we dream, not just subcontinental culture, but one-day Pundro will lead from the front in all cultural movements emerging from any part of the world.

You are warmly welcomed to this Long March...


Pundro is the abbreviation of 'Pundravardhana', an ancient town lost in medieval Bengal, which began thousands of years before the birth of Christ. The history of the late Vedic period in the 5th century BC indicates that there was a strong and powerful empire called Pundro throughout the vast region of north Bengal and West Bengal. Legendary tourist Heuen Tsang traveled to Pundranagiri in the late 8th century and in his writings referred to it as a prosperous city.