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Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Does pundro.com offer modern western clothing other than traditional South-Asian trend ?

From the very beginning, pundro.com has been following only traditional and ethnic trend and we hope to stick to our interest. But the idea should not be limited to only indian sub-continet. Pundro.com would gladly represent all the continental tradiotion and ethnical trends of the world. Since our original ethnicity is of South-Asia, that is why, we have chosen Indian sub-continental trend to begin with. But surely, we will try our best to elaborate our activites to follow all the ethnic trends of the globe.   

2 - Is pundro.com the manufacturer of all the products of its' display ?

No, we are not the manufacturer of all the products of pundro.com's display. We would rather like to petronize the small entrepreneurs and cottage industries of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Nepal, who are desperately looking for a perfect platform to display their artistic quality to the world. Pundro.com is a devoted platform, where we invite and unite them.