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Become A Vendor

Pundro is offering a wide range of Men-Women-Kid’s clothing with attractive glossy fashion and gives the highest priority to the latest traditional South-Asian trends. Moreover, we have been working since our beginning to patronize local, rural and traditional artistic forms of handicrafts which are produced in form of small and cottage industries of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Nepal, such as Nakshi Kantha, Handicrafts made of Jute, Leather Goods, Nakshi Wall-hanging and Showpieces which represents South-Asian heritage. Surely, not all the demands of those categories can be met by Pundro solely and we have not been trying so. We would rather like to collect products from different producers and vendors around the region and especially from those, who have been searching for a trustworthy platform to rely on to display their quality all over the Europe and the world as well. Please do remember that Pundro feels its’ highest honor to pronounce the manufacturing credit of every individual producer and vendor. We are happily sharing our interest with any stranger who can feel the same of our strong and good spirit.

With the highest respect, we are inviting all the vendors and producers of South-Asia to join the long-march, especially those who have something with absolute quality and enthusiasm. Feel free to contact our sales and marketing team.